ZF 8HP51 PowerTech™ Torque Converter Build Specifications: If you're looking for the ultimate in daily drivable dampened torque converter technology, the Project Carbon™ Billet Twin-Disk Torque Converter for the ZF 8-Speed Transmission. I'm interested in heavy duty or off-highway parts.

8HP-70 through that supplier is 2.

36 vs 3.

17; 4th gear 1. Shop by Brand. 450 Nm [331.


. Let engine run at idle speed. I rebuild torque converters.

ZF 8HP51 Stage 3 Transmission Rebuild. 6 seconds (petrol), diesel 9.

ZF 8HP51 Stage 3 Transmission Rebuild.

durability and enhance performance of the ZF “C” & “E” clutches.

I've been searching for more info on the 8HP51 but it appears its max torque rating is 369 ft lb which is the current max torque output of the B58 on the M340i. Nitrous System.

General consensus is that ZF over-engineers their transmissions (based on employee testimony) but rates them for resale and. .

Billet Super Alloy Hub Drives Custom Pistons Utilized On Several Clutch Assemblies Upgraded Clutches and Steels Throughout Entire Transmission Upgraded Clutch Pack for Clutch C +5 Frictions (11 Total) Upgraded.
450 Nm [331.
Note: This valve body is currently R&R only.

I'm interested in heavy duty or off-highway parts.


Supporting Veterans Next Gen Drivetrain is Veteran-Owned and Operated and we. GPZ friction material is an upgraded material beyond the OE design and is manufactured with a unique blend of high energy fibers for ultimate stress. Mar 2, 2023 · Automatic transmission ZF 8HP51 - AvtoTachki.

START Maintain the engine speed at 2,000 rpm for 30 s (fill torque converter). Oct 2, 2018 · It can accommodate a maximum torque output from as low as 162 pound-feet up to 770. Max Torque on ZF 6HP26. Mechatronic replacement. 36; 3rd gear 2. G42Model Year: 2021 +.

* Note that the BMW PPK is rated at 332 lb-ft of torque with.

. Note: This valve body is currently R&R only.

This ZF 8-Speed Valve Body will provide you with: - Faster Shifting.

ZF 5HP24; ZF 5HP30; Mercedes.