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This guide dives deep into the Skills, Passives, and some builds for the Greatsword in New World.


20. Soulforged Spear (for damage buffs and debuffs on enemies) Perforate; Sweep; Vault Kick; Warpwood (for increased headshot and. And you offer less than if you’d go more offensive in Medium.

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. I haven’t touched M+ in Dragonflight yet. .

I primarily do PvP on my other characters and I want to get in the world of M+ because doing PvP on a tank isn’t really good for anything other than the memes and low-ranked games. .

You will want to shockwave.

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is most often paired with the Sword and Shield for an Assassin Build or with a Warhammer or Ice Gauntlet for a PVP Tank build. .

New World Guide: Assassin Build! Greatsword & Greataxe High DPS PvP. .

By the end of this guide, you should have a thorough understanding of the Greatsword and with practice be able to master it fully.
The Beef Brusier Tank is the PVP/PVE All around utlity balance build! While using the Sword/Shield and Great Axe you can be an Unkillable tank and do damage when it comes to open world pvp, also help kill bosses in Expeditions.

A tank should be the main aggro, very hard to kill, doesn’t need to dodge, slow as well, very slow.


. Best berserker build. I've only pushed up to 1.

The best PvE tank build is the sword and shield, and war hammer, used to keep creeping monsters’ attention while your teammates take them down. This New World Great Axe War Hammer Bruiser build lends itself to an aggressive playstyle. It is to find the balance between defence and offence. The catch is you need to give up one of the vehicles you already have, and still need to cough up at least 50% of their cost in gold. Best PvP Tank Build in New World After picking out your Sword and Shield weapon. WotLK: 1-80 in phase 2 current, P3 releasing in 2-3 weeks, which is kind of a filler raid for catch up.


M10 laz void mutation tank build. M10 laz void mutation tank build.


Click this video to see the top 3 best full tank builds after update for pvp and pve in new world.

M10 laz void mutation tank build.

Check out the latest guide on new-world.

I know tanks in PvP is a funky subject, but I've been intrigued by the idea of returning to the RBG scene as a tank.