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take along verb (takes along, took along, taking along) take away verb (takes away, took away, taking away) pick up verb (picks up, picked up, picking up) fetch verb (fetches, fetched, fetching) collect verb (collects, collected, collecting).


definitions. Take Me Along phrase.

Synonyms for ALONG: b-y, at, adjacent, parallel with, forward, on, onward, with, accompanying, in addition to, in company with, as a companion, side-by-side, by the side. Synonyms and related words.

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bring someone/something along definition: 1.


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He enjoyed coaching Love, shepherding another young quarterback’s development, seeing the growth day after day.

in addition to someone or something else: 2.

2 begin again, carry on, continue, follow on, go on, pick up, proceed, recommence, restart, resume.

Take Me Along phrase.